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Our approach

Operating safely and responsibly is central to our strategy to deliver value to all stakeholders.

Whilst seeking to maximise the value of our assets, we aim to contribute to the social and economic development of the areas in which we operate and to minimise our environmental, social and socio-economic impact.

We view sustainability as a source of value creation and an integral part of our decision-making processes. Our approach is informed by the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles.

Community & engagement

We are committed to engage with our communities in a transparent and meaningful way. The Company is developing its social programs in partnership with communities, local authorities and third-party experts, to reflect and respond to community requirements as it progresses to the development of the Bankan Project.

“For the Bankan Project to be a success, knowing who our stakeholders are, what they require and how we need to collectively work together is essential. We have spent a significant amount of time this year mapping the project’s spheres of influence to establish clear channels of communication and build the right relationships. Having spent many years operating in and around the mining sector within Guinea – from time with the Ministry of Mines and Geology to working for in-country mining operators – I believe PDI and our host communities will collectively benefit from the Bankan Project.”

Marlyatou Baldé, Country Manager

Health, safety & security

Providing a safe working environment and maintaining people’s health, safety and well-being are of paramount importance to PDI. The Company is committed to providing a safe, secure and rewarding work environment, and to maintaining exceptional health and safety performance wherever it operates.

PDI has a zero-harm objective, and the Company reports safety performance for both employees’ and contractors’ on a quarterly basis. The Company has a proactive approach to health & safety, which includes safety toolbox meetings and regular training sessions covering areas such as incident and accident reporting, fire safety, first aid, and driving safety. Together, across various departments including superintendents, officers, and geologists, PDI prioritises safety as a collective responsibility.

Human & labour rights

Respecting our colleagues and the partners that work with PDI is a fundamental part of the Company’s commitment to protecting employees, contractors and local communities.

As stated in its Human Resource Policy, PDI respects and follows recognised international human and labour rights and has a zero-tolerance stance on modern slavery. To that end, we support their rights to safe working conditions, equal treatment and fair reward for their efforts, and – implement mechanisms to maintain effective relationships with employees, communities and other stakeholders.

As stated in its Diversity Policy, PDI is committed to workplace diversity and recognises the benefits arising from diversity in its employees and on its board including a broad pool of high-quality employees, strong employee retention and access to different perspectives and ideas, which together allow PDI to benefit from all available talent. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, gender, age, ethnicity and cultural background.

Environment & climate

Environmental management and protection is a critical priority for PDI.

The Company recognises that mining activities have an impact on the environment, and it is committed to prevent, minimise, and mitigate negative environmental impacts where it operates.

At present, during exploration, the Company has a relatively low impact but appreciates that this will evolve over time as the Company progresses through the Project’s development phases. The Company is committed to adopting and implementing policies and practices to avoid or mitigate impacts on the local communities and the environment arising from noise, dust, blasting and vibrations, among other impacts.

The Company works closely with the relevant governmental agencies to ensure operations comply with national regulations, and the successful renewal of the environmental authorisation is a testament to the Company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

PDI recognises the significance of biodiversity and the Project’s location in the Peripheral Zone of the Upper Niger National Park. The Company is actively engaged in a systematic assessment of the local environment to develop suitable plans to improve the Park’s overall management, particularly in its core area and in the Buffer Zone.

“PDI has embarked on a definitive ESG path underscored by good international industry practice and regulatory compliance to ensure a sustainable project that integrates broad based stakeholder interests. The Bankan Project will exemplify this philosophy in all aspects of project development, execution and closure.”

Andre Pieters, ESG Manager