Predictore® – fluid flow mapping for rapid ore discovery

PDI is targeting gold ore deposits which were formed by the deposition of ore minerals from hot fluids at high rock pressures, typically 150° to 400°C and 1,500 to 5,000 times atmospheric pressure.  Predictore® is a technology-based system that maps where these fluids are most likely to have been focused over a long period of time during the structural deformation of the host rocks.  These are locations where chemical reactions are most likely to have caused the accumulation of economic minerals in sufficient concentration to form ore deposits.


The Predictore® system utilises wavelet analysis (sometimes referred to as “worm” analysis), to analyse regional geophysical data sets.  Software and knowhow to further process the outputs of this analysis were developed by Dr Barry Murphy, PDI’s Chief Geologist. This facilitates the identification of large and deep structures which are thought to channel large quantities of metal-bearing fluid from deeper in the earth’s crust, generating well mineralised belts at the surface.  These are thought to be highly favourable indicators of the potential location of large gold ore deposits.

Predictore - Application to Ore Discovery

The use of the Predictore® technology relies on obtaining access to high quality geological mapping, geophysical and geochemical data.


At the mineral province scale, PDI utilizes geological and geophysical data, commonly available through government organizations. Wavelet analysis is applied to regional aeromagnetic and/or gravity data, which is then further processed to highlight what are interpreted to be very deep and long structures.  These are then compared with the location of known ore deposits so that they may be prioritised and areas selected for more detailed follow-up on the ground.


At the project scale, geological maps and geophysical data are used to construct three dimensional models of the geology. PDI is therefore very focused on generating high quality magnetic data and geological maps early in the exploration of all of its project areas. The most likely stress field at the time when ore deposits were formed is derived from a detailed structural analysis of the mapped geology. Understanding the likely stress field at the time of mineralisation is important in making predictions about where fluid flow was likely to have been focused.


Dr Murphy, PDI’s Chief Geologist, provides access to his expertise embodied in the Fractore system (both know-how and software, and including any future developments) for interpreting potential field “worm” and other data and converting it into secondary products that can be used for project generation.  This access is exclusive to PDI in terranes with potential for orogenic gold deposits in West Africa.


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